The purpose behind this store, and how to go about it, was a simple question! The question I asked myself is “What little things Can be done to make this world a better place? Key word “little”. Let’s face it.. this world is a horrible place. So it got me thinking, I could encourage GIFTING others! I thought about how the Bible teaches us “it’s Better To Give than to receive “ which has become our motto! I like the feeling that I get whenI give something to someone… it betters the person who is receiving, as well as the giver!

I haven’t been successful with this mission at all so far! My husband keeps telling me to be patient due to the fact that we just opened, but I look at all the “likes” and “shares” ( which I greatly appreciate), and how GGG has already reached thousands of people ( between 3 sites) and I haven’t had 1 sale! It’s very disappointing to me! I’m hoping people will believe in this mission like I do! Even if you don’t buy from our sites, please consider GIFTING someone, if not for any reason!
Thank you all for your support! Prayers Please as we try to make this world a little better, one gift at a time, one jar at a time❤️❤️❤️



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