Subject: Giving

The Bible teaches us about GIVING ❤️

In Acts 20:35 Jesus says ” it’s more blessed to give than to receive “. This is the quote, out of all the quotes in the world, that I have chosen to relate my business to, and attempt to focus my life around! I don’t always succeed in either of these areas in this goal… but as I lay here in bed, not being able to sleep cause of a cold, I’m laying here wondering why can’t everyone see it in their heart to do something for someone else, give a gift,give of your time, give an listening ear, give anything…. just GIVE! Let me be clear, this is not about me trying to get you to buy a gift from my gift shop 😉 I’m simply just venting/wishing/hoping/ trying to understand the world’s view on GIVING!

The ultimate GIFT that anyone has ever given was God, when he sacrificed his son…. he gave us his son to die on the cross for our sins, not because he had to, because he loves us so much he wanted to. As a mother of 3, I can’t imagine giving my children away, especially to be sacrificed… but God did for us, and for that I’m very thankful ❤️ If anyone is reading this blog, I ask that you pray for the world that we live in, for the leaders of our country, for those who are away from their families in order to keep us safe, and for your neighbors! If you have a minute today… do something out of the blue for someone … it doesn’t have to cost $… it can be a kind gesture! God Bless US ALL🙏❤️


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